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Sugar Tax Information

Who is likely to be affected


UK producers of soft drinks, importers of soft drinks, retailers of soft drinks and consumers who buy soft drinks in the UK.

There will be an exemption for the smallest producers and also operators importing of soft drinks from the smallest producer abroad.


General description of the measure


This is a new levy that applies to the production and importation of soft drinks containing added sugar.

The levy will apply to the producers and importers of these types of drinks. It will have a lower rate which will apply to added sugar drinks with a total sugar content of 5 grams or more per 100 milliliters and a higher rate for drinks with 8 grams or more per 100 milliliters.

It will not apply to any drink where no sugar is added.

Alcoholic drinks with an Alcohol by volume of up to 1.2% are included in the levy. The government will make provision to exempt certain drinks that fall within this category from the levy.


More Information


U can download and informational brochure here.

Coca-Cola Sugar Tax Information:

Government website: 

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Sugar Tax

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