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SUPERFRY VEGETABLE OIL (TIN) 1x20lt Stock code: CGA005

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Brand: Olympic Oils
Directions For Use :

Before frying foods, heat the oil first. Avoid exceeding temperatures over 190°C

Product suitability:

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet & Gluten Free

Ingredients :

Soyabean Oil (produced from GM Soyabeans)

Contains No Allergens.

Storage Instructions :

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

Inner Pack information
Packaging Type: Tinplate Cans
Inner Unit Length: N/A
Inner Unit Height: N/A
Inner Unit Width: N/A
Weight/Volume: N/A

Outer Case information
Packaging Type: N/A
Quantity of Inner Units in Outer Case: 1
Outer Case Length: N/A
Outer Case Width: N/A
Outer Case Height: N/A
Product Gross Weight: N/A
Product Net Weight: N/A
Average serving: N/A
Energy per 100 GM (kJ): 3700 kJ
Energy per 100 GM (kcal): 900 kcal
Fat per 100 GM: 100g
Saturates per 100 GM: 16g
Mono-unsaturates per 100 GM: N/A
Polyunsaturates per 100 GM: N/A
Carbohydrate per 100 GM: 0g
Sugars per 100 GM: 0g
Fibre per 100 GM: N/A
Protein per 100 GM: 0g
Salt per 100 GM: 1g
Sodium per 100 GM: N/A