Alabama Fudge Cake


We can thank Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and The Great British Bake Off for catapulting a nations love of cake to near–stratospheric heights in recent years. From traditional favourites like Victoria sponge to quirky classics like pineapple upside down cake, we all enjoy a slab of something sweet with our cuppa – and so do your diners. One such cake delighting foodies everywhere is the marvellously moist Alabama fudge cake, which answers all diners dessert-based prayers in one go. Our love for chocolate makes this the UK s top selling cake with 40% of sales, and the over 55-s eating an average of six portions per month. How did the dessert come to be, though? Fudge cake itself refers to a dense, single-layer chocolate cake served with or without icing, says Wikipedia. Like a brownie but moister, it is long been a popular pudding amongst adults and children alike. Alabama fudge cake, meanwhile, originates from…you guessed it... Alabama, USA. In truth, an Alabama fudge cake does not differ that much to a standard fudge cake. But there is a vast difference between chocolate fudge cake and traditional chocolate cake, and that is the addition of an often hot, and always sticky, fudge sauce or filling. And if you are wondering how to serve Alabama fudge cake, here are some suggestions:

With Ice Cream
If you want to truly serve your Alabama fudge cake The American Way, how about dishing it up with a side of real vanilla ice cream? Do not just keep it traditional with vanilla though, why not try cherry for a super flavour combo.

With Custard
There is something very comforting about hot custard and cake – and on colder evenings, your diners will undoubtedly appreciate the option for custard over ice cream. Whip up a standard custard recipe or try a nostalgic vanilla custard with your Alabama chocolate cake.

With Fruit Coulis
Give a classic dessert a modern twist with a tangy fruit coulis. There are lots of flavour combinations to choose from, but again, we love the sound of a cherry variety like this one.

With Sorbet
Chocolate fudge cake served warm works perfectly with fruit sorbet, so consider adding a few varieties to your menu to give guests plenty of choices. A fresh orange sorbet like this one turns your chocolate dessert into a "chocolate orange" – and who does not love those flavours together?!

Do not fancy any of those combinations? Serve the cake exactly as it comes. The look of any large cake in a display is a real showstopper especially the Alabama fudge cake with its deep chocolate colour. It towers above other cake offerings and is the type of cake that sells itself by the way it looks an its reputation.